Rental Prices

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Rental Fee Prices ROOM RENTALS – With Online CC Fee

  • Gym without alcohol (includes ice machine, cooler, and kitchen use)- $460 for 4 hours
  • any event with alcohol: renter must provide security officers through the St. Mary Sherriff’s office
  • Extra Hours for Gym $100 per Hour
  • Meeting Room (includes cooler if available and ice machine)- $125 for 2 hours
  • Extra Hours for Meeting Room- $25 per hour
  • To hold Room Extra Days Before Event- $100 per Day
  • Kitchen- $30 per hour or $125 all day
  • Noah’s Adventures Clubhouse- $125 for 2 hours
  • Extra Hours for Clubhouse- $25.00
  • Noah’s Adventure Pavilion- $75 for 3 hours
  • Extra Hours for Pavilion- $10 per Hour
  • Spray Park Party- $200 for 2 hours Weekly times available (Please call the office for times)
  • Batting Cages- $5.00
  • Marquis Rental- $50.00 per month, $5 per day, or $10 per weekend
  • Baseball Field Rental- $100 a day for tournaments. or $10 for practice (additional $10 with lights)
  • Gym rental (General Public Practices)- $10 per 2 hours
  • Gym rental (For Profit Practices)- $30 1st hour / $20 every additional hour
  • Gym rental (Non-Profit)- $5 per hour
  • Gym Tournaments including concessions (volleyball, basketball, pickleball, etc.)- $100 per day *does not include kitchen*
  • Concessions Stand rental- $75 per day
  • Golf Course Hole Sponsor (For Businesses)- $200 per Hole
  • BVCC entire facility (gym, meeting room, kitchen, baseball fields, concessions stand, and Spray park when in season) rental- $2,000 per day
  • Central Park Rental (Noah’s clubhouse & pavilion, skate park, central park playground areas, large baseball pavilion, baseball fields and Mini Golf Course during hours of operation)-$1,125